We require a prior site survey of the location in order to assess the best soultions for your pest problem. We will also provide a number of different options and will present a pest control maintenance plan for you.

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Extermination of crawling and flying insects, fleas, mosquitos and cockroaches.

Service Facts
  • When the quotation price is accepted, please be informed that the payment will made in advance. Please take note of the following important information:
    • All chemicals used in our treatment are municipally approved, generally low odor, child and pet-friendly and environment-friendly products
    • We also offer advice and recommendation on how to avoid attracting pess in and around your homes.
  • For the detailed Terms & Conditions associated with our services, please See Terms & Conditions at
  • Parts and materials are subject to availability in UAE
  • Upon arrival of the ENTEGRA FM Maintenance Team on site, the maximum waiting time will be 15 minutes on the designated location. If no access is provided, the Operations in-charge will contact the customer for rescheduling of services.
  • For the scheduled maintenance (PPM) services, fees are charged to customer’s account and 100% shall be collected in advance. For one time services, fees are charged to customer’s account and shall be collected on site.

Please Note:  Once you submit your order request, our team might require to inspect your location prior to submitting a quotation, however our team will sometimes be able to submit a quote based on a phone survey, hence providing accurate information is essential to ensure satisfaction.

Did You Know...

You can get a flea infestation month after a house or apartment has been closed up. The adults will stay in the pupal case until there are vibrations and they can sense carbon dioxide.