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ENTEGRA FM EXECUTIVE home maintenance package has been designed in order to provide professional maintenance services to your homes, giving you complete peace of mind and exceptional value for money, starting at 600 AED. This package includes emergency callouts, annual preventive measures completely free!

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  • Unlimited Routine callouts for your A/C, Electrical and Plumbing systems failures (Routine call-outs to be responded from 08:00AM-06:00PM for  inspections and minor repairs)
  • 4 x Scheduled Maintenance (PPM)  for A/C Service
  • 4 x Scheduled Maintenance (PPM) for Electrical Service
  • 4 x Scheduled Maintenance (PPM) for Plumbing Service

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Select the options that best suit your requirements to book your service. A representative may contact you to get more details, if needed. If you need help with a booking you may contact us on
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